Oil Painting Basics for Beginners

Hey beginners, don’t be intimidated by oil painting — especially when you have the fundamentals right here for you! Here we talk about one of the cornerstones of oil painting: brushes. What kinds there are, how to use them and how to take care of them. Jump into this overview of some of the basic know-how you’ll […]

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Tips for Sunset Paintings

Drama in a landscape means everything. It mean excitement for you, the artist, as you get to use bold color and really move paint across canvas. It’s thrilling for the viewer because who isn’t mesmerized by the gorgeous colors and mercurial light of a sunset? So, no surprise, this is where sunset paintings come in. […]

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7 Tools for Texture in Watercolor

She builds drama in luminous tropical abstracts through creative compositions, sharp value contrasts and experimental color schemes. Here she shares her secrets and tools for applying color and capturing watercolor texture. Tools for Water colour Texture Homemade rubber stamps Her collection of carved wooden fabric-printing stamps Small plastic spray bottles, for spraying pre-mixed color onto […]

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3 Things a Painting can’t Live Without

Good painters don’t merely recreate what is in front of them. An experienced artist knows how to create a successful painting, no matter what situation or model he or she is presented with or the materials being worked with. Of course, this often comes after years of practice and experimentation — as well as the development […]

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Bold Brush Strokes and Drippy Washes

Painting with bold brush strokes and drippy washes, Fealing Lin keeps her paintings fresh and lively. Her process involves layering big brushstrokes, transparent glazes and interesting shapes to capture her subjects. Enjoy these three watercolor painting tutorials from the artist so you can hone your own watercolor skills and paint just the way you want […]

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6 Works of Art You Need to See

The pace of the art world is fast and operates in so many different ecosystems. We are inundated by imagery, events, exhibitions, new techniques, old techniques, new artists, old artists, gossip, drama, and an energy that pulses nonstop, day in and day out. Even for all of us, whose jobs and passions put us right […]

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